What devices do we support?




Wi-Fi Router


IP Camera

Facing IT issues such as wifi and network connectivity or even computer viruses? Do not worry, as our skillful IT technicians provides IT solutions to assist you remotely. Our remote IT services provide a wide coverage of services ranging from virus removal and cleanup to wifi security setup and optimisation.

Our remote IT services plans also supports multiple devices such as desktops, laptops and many more! Sit back and relax as we troubleshoot your technical issues remotely. At IsupporT Singapore, we safeguard both your safety and IT data through our remote IT services. These remote IT services plans are also suitable for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who requires little IT assistance.

Our Plans

Online Protection

A basic remote IT package to assist on your technical issues like computer troubleshooting, virus removal and cleanup for your personal or work-related IT issues.

Protection Plus

A comprehensive remote IT package that covers services like data back-up, network connectivity support and more. Operating System Install or Re-installation available here.

Our Service Coverage

Online ProtectionProtection Plus
Unlimited Walk-ins (Service Hub Only)
Computer Troubleshooting
Virus Removal and Cleanup
Computer Tune-up
Email or Online Account Setup or Support
Software Install and Uninstall
Printer Troubleshooting
Printer Setup
New Computer Setup
Data Back-up or Transfer (For Laptops and Desktops only)
OS (Operating System) Install or Re-install
Computer Hard Drive Reset
Wifi and Network Connectivity Support
Wifi Security Setup and Optimisation
Smart Security Cam Installation

How does our remote support works?

Step 1

Purchase our support package online

Step 2

Call our IT support technicians at 6586 7711

Step 3

We will verify your personal details

Step 4

Tell us the issue faced with your device

Step 5

Sit back & relax as our technician solve your issue remotely


The service commences once you have successfully subscribed to a plan.

Click here to purchase a support plan that is suitable to your needs.