Our Wide Range of Software Installation Services

Having difficulties installing & setting up software, especially when you’re not tech-savvy? Well, IsupporT Service provides software services from setting up computers to resolving software-related issues.

Excellent Computer Installation Services in Singapore

  1. Determining Computer Compatibility for Installing – Some software may work well with certain computers, but some don’t. Our tech experts can advise your software compatibility with the computer operating system that you are currently using.
  2. Install & Configure Software – We assess the compatibility between the software and computer before installation.
  3. Perform Required Software Updates – Developers regularly launch updates for software & packaged software isn’t the most advanced or latest version. Our experts ensure that you have the newest version by downloading and installing the latest updates for you.
  4. Create Required Shortcuts – Being one of the Operating System Installation Service providers, we create desktop, quick launch shortcuts, start menu by providing you with easy access to the new software. We ensure that all software installation is completed and ready to use for you.


Can’t wait for us to assist you on the above? Click below to find out more about our plans!

Online Protection

A basic remote IT package to assist on your technical issues like computer troubleshooting, virus removal and cleanup for your personal or work-related IT issues.

Protection Plus

A comprehensive remote IT package that covers services like data back-up, network connectivity support and more. Operating System Install or Re-installation available here.