Huawei IdeaHub Pro
New Style, Smart Office

Introducing IdeaHub Pro

Product Overview

Want to have a smart office in your meeting room, open office area, executive room, home office and many more? Huawei IdeaHub Pro is the ideal smart office that you should be looking for, with its intelligent handwriting recognition, UHD projection, video conferencing and open office application. Forget the hassle of setting up projectors and seek Huawei IdeaHub Pro which can cater to your needs and wants.


Elegant Simplicity

4 UHD Projection for Better User Experience

Superb Interactive Whiteboard with Ultra-low Latency

Cloud Meeting Support, Easy to Use

Product Information

Dimensions and WeightIdeaHub Pro 65"IdeaHub Pro 86"
Package Dimensions (H x W x D)1114 x 1720 x 246 mm1404 x 2236 x 356 mm
Product Dimension (H x W x D)931.1 x 1492.5 x 71 mm1195.1 x 1963.8 x 95 mm
Gross Weight63 kg110 kg
Net Weight50 kg90 kg
Backlighting TypeE-LEDD-LED

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